MSOUNDZ is an emerging musician, composer and producer. Collaborating primarily with pop, hip-hop, nu metal and rock artists has led him to develop interesting style, mixed with hip-hop, ambient, electronic and cinematic elements, compelling simple beats and rhythms to express himself and tell the story through sound and music.


Originally from Slovenia, with Yugoslavian heritage, he was introduced to music at very young age, watching and listening to his mother playing the piano as a child. He continued his path at a music school, learning to play the piano, clarinet and flute. Later on, he learned to play a guitar on his own.


He first began composing as a songwriter, backing singer and guitarist for a hard rock/nu metal band formed in 2011. As he was learning and gaining more experience, he quickly realized, he needs more freedom to compose and produce his own tracks. He is trying not to limit himself by genre, so he strives to include different elements to his music.